Learning Matters, Inc.

Business Consulting and Technology Advisory Services  

k-12 & higher education

corporate / entrepreneurial

healthcare & non-profits 

  • Online Learning & Collaboration
  • Academic Entrepreneurship - Market Opportunity Analysis 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (student, school and system performance)
  • Mentoring/Training Programs
  • Business / Civic Alliances

Market Leading & Innovative Technology Insight / Advisors

​- Commerce

- Mobile 

- Analytics

- Online Collaboration  

- Process Innovation / Automation

Our Goal: To understand what's possible, then select the right technologies and partners at the right price points.

  • Benchmarking / Diagnostics & Rapid Assessments
  • Employee-Driven Ideas & Quick Hit Action Planning
  • Customer & Competitor Analysis / Strategic Improvement Portfolio Development & Execution
  • Process Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement Programs 
  • Patient Experience Improvements
  • Continuous Improvement - Balanced Scorecards & Metrics
  • Process Improvement Workshops / Employee Engagement 
  • Online Communities 
  • Market Analyses  

who is learning matters?


Learning Matters, Inc. (LMI) helps organizations leverage the power of learning to drive innovation, improvement and the strategic use of technology to achieve critical organizational goals - and results.  Our clients share a passion for excellence and a commitment to their mission that results in improving people’s lives, the quality of life in the communities they serve and the economic vitality and sustainability of their organization. We exist to help our clients remain vital and thrive in a challenging economy and competitive marketplace. Whether our clients are looking to launch new or enhance existing services; seeking to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty; or achieving critical growth and financial performance objectives — LMI helps our clients make pragmatic business, financial and technology decisions, cost-effectively.  

primary SERVICES

  • Strategic Planning / Facilitation
  • Market Opportunity Analysis 
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Innovation / Improvement Programs
  • Technology Advisory & Selection
  • Training & Development
  • Partnership / Relationship Building
  • ​Program / Project Management 

technology Advisory

Assess. Plan. Act. Learn. Grow.


Tier I Research university
Colleges & Universities continue to explore opportunities to serve new students and introduce innovative programs. Our experience includes working with the academic entrepreneurship division and faculty to assess the potential viability of new learning ventures. Our collaborative goal: identify the most promising programs to design and implement that build on the strengths of the University and fill a market need.

learning matters. so do results.