Learning Matters, Inc.

Helping organizations improve, innovate and transform. 

Learning Matters, Inc. (LMI) is a unique consulting company that leverages data-driven insight and the power of learning to drive innovation, improvement and the use of technology to achieve critical organizational goals. 

Our clients share a passion for excellence and a commitment to their mission that results in improving people’s lives and the communities they serve, while strengthening their economic vitality and financial performance.

LMI works collaboratively with our clients to solve complex problems and reach high expectations, bringing clinical, business and technology expertise together to accelerate success.

Assess. Recommend. Act. Learn. Innovate and Improve.  

Developing High Performance Organizations, Cultures and Teams

learning matters, so do your PEOPLE and results. 

Tier I Research university
Colleges & Universities continue to explore opportunities to serve new students and introduce innovative programs. Our experience includes working with the academic entrepreneurship division and faculty to assess the potential viability of new learning ventures. Our collaborative goal: identify the most promising programs to design and implement that build on the strengths of the University and fill a market need.



technology Advisory

  • Performance Assessments
  • Transformational Assistance 
  • ​Process Innovation / Excelllence
  • ​Lean Six Sigma  
  • Coaching, Training & Development
  • Technology Advisory & Selection
  • Project Leadership and Management 

primary SERVICES

who is learning matters?

  • High Performance Organization Audit
  • Trasformation/Change Leadership
  • Coaching  and Team Development 
  • Exceptional Patient Experience Design
  • Care Re-design // Service Innovation
  • Lean Six Sigma / Improvement Programs
  • Collaborative Action Planning Workshops
  •  Technology Innovation & Advisory
  • Market Analyses
  • Customer / Competitor Analyses
  • Strategy Development                    
  • Process Improvement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Development 
  • Enterprise Quality & Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement Culture

Market Leading & Innovative Technology: Design & Select

- eVisits / Telemedicine

​- Mobile Health

​- Engaging Patient Portals

- Analytics

- Online Collaboration  

- Process Automation

Our Goal: To understand what's possible, then select the right technologies and partners at the right price / level of investment.

  • Online Learning & Collaboration
  • Academic Entrepreneurship  
  • Data-driven Assessments
  • Strategy & Imporvment Planning 
  • Team Development 


corporate / entrepreneurial

k-12 & higher education